Sweet Shop Drip Cake

10th Birthday’s are a big cause for celebration according to my nephews so it was only fitting to have an exciting Birthday cake for the occasion of my eldest nephew turning 10 at the end of March!

I always ask the kids what kind of Birthday cake they want (although they are always quite excited to see any kind of cake that I make!) and Jack’s instructions were “Chocolate cake that looks like the one you made Dad* but with lots of sweets instead of chocolate.” We have a great independent sweet shop in the town that I work in and so I popped in there for some inspiration and some large brightly rainbow coloured lollipops caught my eye – I knew these would make a great focus point on the cake so I bought 3 – all different shapes, one large round, one tall and thin and one smaller round one (I had to have 3 to please all the kids otherwise there would be arguments!!) then I bought a selection of pick and mix to arrange around it.

(*he was referring to the salted caramel drip cake that I made for my eldest Brother’s 30th Birthday which you can read about here.)

The cake was made up of 3 layers of chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream then covered in vanilla buttercream and a white chocolate ganache drip coloured with blue food gel. Overall, I was really pleased with the result – something different than I had done before but I really enjoyed it and it seemed to go down well with the Birthday Boy!!



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