Bourbon Brick Brownies

Biscuits, chocolate, brownies – what more could you want!? Even better when they are all baked in to one delicious chocolatey and gooey masterpiece better known as Bourbon brick brownies! Ever since I had seen the recipe from Frances Quinn’s book (2013 Great British Bake Off Winner) I knew I had to make these! And what better time to do it than  when I’d be looking after my 9 year old Nephew! Normally, whenever I see the kids ( I have three nephews and a niece) I always come prepared with some form of baked goods – they definitely associate Auntie Bexi with cakes (!!) but this time I decided that instead of taking them something, I would make it with them. I asked Jack whether he wanted to make them – I’d let him do everything but help him along the way and so we set to it on Saturday afternoon. The brownies were really easy to make, although we did have quite a bit of difficulty in successfully slicing all the bourbon biscuits – we tended to get one half in tact and the other half broke. Fortunately we had more biscuits than we needed so were able to make use of those (and of course we ate a couple along the way!)

The only other hiccup we had was that we forgot to add the crushed biscuits… Oops! I realised the moment we put the tray in the oven so I quickly got it out, scattered the biscuit crumbs on the top and done my best to mix it in without disturbing the layers of biscuits on the bottom but I’m pleased to say it worked fine and they were delicious!!

This concept leads to so many more options – I have already seen custard cream blondies and Jammie dodger brownies floating around on Instagram, maybe they’ll be my next project….




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