The best way to celebrate is with cake!

January is a busy month in our household… My eldest Brother and Grandma celebrate their Birthdays one day after another as well as two other family Birthdays later in the month and I usually spend the whole of January more or less alone as I lose my Husband to his work for a month! He is a tax adviser and therefore January is crazy for him and his company with the 31st January looming. However, we had an extra reason to celebrate half way through the month as he received his results for his CTA qualifications (Chartered Tax Adviser) which he passed with flying colours! I had known when his results day was for a while so was planning to make a congratulations cake for him as a surprise (in the hope that he had passed!)… all the timing worked well as he got his results the same day as my eldest brother’s Birthday so when he was at home and saw me baking, he naturally thought it was for Lee’s cake and didn’t suspect a thing! On the Sunday before, Matt had told me he would have to go in to work which secretly I was quite happy about as it gave me an opportunity to finish decorating both of the cakes. I was well underway with this and had started piping in to a Congratulations mould which I had bought to place on Matt’s cake when he walked through the door at lunch time! I literally just threw the mould in to the cupboard and hoped he hadn’t noticed!! I was all flustered and he just thought I was ungrateful about him coming home to spend his lunch break with me!!

Seeing as though I was making 2 cakes at the same time, I used the same cake and decorations but a slightly different design using a chocolate ganache drip instead.



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